Wave, a diversified business group in India, has engaged IBM in its green-field township project for Wave City, a smart township. Located in Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh State), the 4500 acre township will be one of the first urban developments in the country to be designed with smart systems.

As a consulting partner, IBM has developed a roadmap that includes application and technology infrastructure as well as possible revenue models for the township to provide these living amenities to its residents. IBM is assisting Wave City to identify the different systems (for example, transport, emergency services) that make up the township, and to understand how these systems interact with and affect each other.

Under the recommendations from IBM, a central command centre will integrate and interconnect information from various systems and services within the township. For example, a resident’s smart device will be alerted to current traffic conditions, and residents can check parking availability or changes to traffic conditions.With all these devices connected to a central command center, Wave City will be able to record and respond to events much faster and in a more coordinated manner.

India has witnessed major urbanization in recent times, with an estimated 30 people leaving rural India for urban areas every minute during the next 20 years.