IBMIBM and the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation of India has completed a digital plan for Dighi Port Industrial Area, Maharashtra, India.

The Integrated Communication Technology (ICT) Master Plan for Dighi Port Industrial Area, Maharashtra, developed by IBM, provides a roadmap for the area including the use of technology to deliver services to business and citizens such as monitoring energy consumption, traffic visualization, improved water management, and enhanced public safety.

Using IBM’s Smarter Cities software, the Intelligent Operations Center, a command center will be established to integrate and interconnect information from various departments and agencies throughout the city.¬†Large amount of Big Data streaming from these devices will be connected to a central command center where city administrators can record and respond to events quickly and in a more coordinated manner.

The Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) is an infrastructure program aiming to develop new industrial cities as “Smart Cities” spanning across six states in India.

India has witnessed major urbanization, with an estimated 30 people leaving rural India for urban areas every minute during the next 20 years. At this rate, the country will need some 500 new cities in the next two decades.

[Image courtesy: IBM]