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IA Ventures has just closed IAVS Fund II. The new fund is at just over $105 million, and will  be investing in companies that create competitive advantage through data, at the Seed, Series A, and even sometimes Series B stage.

Roger Ehrenberg (Founder and Managing Partner, IA Ventures):  Over two years ago we launched IA Venture Strategies I with $17 million in initial commitments, hell-bent on executing a thematic strategy focused on Big Data. In those early days, we had the good fortune of investing in a number of fantastic companies. Building on our initial success we raised additional capital, eventually closing at $50 million in Q4 of 2010. This provided us with the resources to implement the early-stage life-cycle strategy of which we had originally conceived.

Fast forward to late Q3 2011. We had a portfolio of 21 investments with significant reserves held for future rounds. We had led seed rounds, Series A rounds and even a Series B round.