Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is launching purpose-built artificial intelligence (AI) platforms and services capabilities, with an initial focus on deep learning.

The company is announcing the following offerings:

  • Rapid Software Installation for AI: An integrated hardware and software solution, purpose-built for high performance computing and deep learning applications. Based on the HPE Apollo 6500 system in collaboration with Bright Computing to enable rapid deep learning application development, this solution includes pre-configured deep learning software frameworks, libraries, automated software updates and cluster management optimized for deep learning and supports Nvidia Tesla V100 GPUs.
  • Deep Learning Cookbook: Built by the AI Research team at Hewlett Packard Labs. Is a set of tools to guide customers in selecting the hardware and software environment for different deep learning tasks. Can also be used to validate performance and tune the configuration of already purchased hardware and software stacks.
  • AI Innovation Center: Designed for longer term research projects. Will serve as a platform for research collaboration between universities, enterprises, and HPE researchers. The centers are located in Houston, Palo Alto, and Grenoble.
  • Centers of Excellence (CoE): Designed to assist IT departments and data scientists. The current CoE are spread across five locations including Houston; Palo Alto; Tokyo; Bangalore, India; and Grenoble, France.

[Image courtesy: HPE]