HP and Source Direct, a third-party maintainer based in Addison, Texas, have resolved HP’s copyright infringement lawsuit against Source Direct. The lawswuit related to HP’s proprietary software patches on the HP Support Center (HPSC) website.

The settlement was reached after HP filed suit in the United States District Court, Northern District of California on April 26, 2012, alleging that Source Direct infringed HP’s copyrights by downloading infringing copies of proprietary HP software patches that it had unlawfully accessed through the HPSC website.

The lawsuit alleged that Source Direct illegally copied and distributed the proprietary HP software without authorization for its use in connection with support services it provides to its customers. Source Direct denied HP’s allegations and asserted that its download and use of HP patches were entirely lawful and consistent with HP’s policies.

As part of the settlement, Source Direct agreed to suspend its practices that were the subject of the suit.