[By Sudarshana Banerjee]

Amazon beware, heeeeeere’s HP! The company has unveiled a portfolio of cloud solutions that lets enterprises combine their existing IT infrastructure with third-party external cloud service providers, based on the OpenStack cloud operating system.

HP Cloud Services will deliver its initial offering, HP Public Infrastructure as a Service, as a public beta starting May 10. HP Cloud Services will also introduce, as a private beta, two additional Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings: a relational database service for MySQL, and a block storage service that supports movement of data from one compute instance to another

Bill Veghte (Chief strategy officer and executive vice president, Software, HP): The convergence of cloud computing and mobile connectivity is changing the way infrastructures are built, applications are developed and information is delivered.

HP  is launching HP Service Virtualization 2.0, a software enabling access to restricted services in a simulated, virtualized environment. The company is also introducing the HP Virtual Application Networks, a solution that speeds up application deployment and automates management across the HP FlexNetwork architecture.

HP is additionally launching two new networking services. HP Virtual Network Protection Service for security at the network virtualization management layer, and HP Network Cloud Optimization Service that enhance cloud-based service delivery.

For clients who do not wish to manage their own clouds, HP has launched an Enterprise Cloud Services that provide offerings for private clouds, continuity services and unified communications.

The Autonomy private cloud, powered by the Autonomy Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), now manages more than 50 petabytes of web content, video, email and multimedia data on 6,500 servers in 14 data centers around the world, says HP.

[Image Courtesy: HP]