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Yahoo has revealed a detailed plan of how it will be covering the Summer Olympics this year. The coverage will include original video programs, breaking news, expert analysis from Gold Medal Olympians Dan O’Brien (Track and Field), Summer Sanders (Olympics), Shannon Miller (Gymnastics), and Yahoo Sports writers, as well as social integration programs.  Yahoo will also reveal its Memorable Moments editorial series.

Yahoo’s additional programming efforts for the 2012 Summer Games include:

The Yahoo Hub – Throughout the games, Yahoo highlight breaking news, major headlines, and recaps daily. The hub will also include a program profiling athletes from the biggest stars to the least known names, where each athlete will be represented within Yahoo’s coverage and users will be able to cheer for them individually or as a team. Yahoo says it will also provide the most up-to-date photo galleries from London.

Original Video ProgramsLondon Minute, a daily, on-the-ground show, will feature video snippets from London and will debut during the opening ceremonies. In addition, there will be Elite Athlete Workouts, a Yahoo Sports original program, debuting on May 7, 2012 with stars participating in the Summer Games such as gymnastics darling Aly Raisman.

Social Experiences — This year, users can show their support and pride for their favorite athletes directly within Yahoo. Users will be prompted to cheer for their favorite athletes and countries. Then there will be London Pick’Em. A Yahoo Sports fantasy game, it will be a daily prediction style game.

Sports Radio Programming – Yahoo Sports Radio will feature live call-ins from London, daily segments profiling athletes and news coverage throughout the games.

Former Olympians Shannon Miller, Dan O’Brien and Summer Sanders as analysts is joining Yahoo’s team of journalists including Pat Forde, Charles Robinson, Martin Rogers, Dan Wetzel, and Adrian Wojnarowski, among others. Coverage will include London Reporter, reports from the Yahoo Contributor Network, and Fourth Place Medal,  a column which will include ongoing reports from the most talked about events in London.

The Yahoo content will be available across multiple devices, including mobile phones, tablets, TV and the desktop.

[Image Courtesy: London 2012]