HTC_Robert_Downey_JrPhone-maker HTC has signed a two-year deal with Robert Downey Jr. The actor will be starring in HTC ads, made by the company’s global agency 171 Worldwide (WPP Group), as well as taking on the mantle of creative direction.  

The advertisements will roll out in three phases, says HTC. The initial advertising campaign will show what the HTC brand means to different people. The second phase will feature HTC innovations—like BlinkFeed, Video Highlights and BoomSound. The next phase of ads will show how HTC products can empower individuals. The advertisements will be showing up on YouTube, as well as in theaters and TV. 

HTC released the first advertisement on YouTube. In a 2.03 minute clip Robert Downey Jr. is shown trying to define what ‘HTC’ stands for. Hold This Cat? Happy Telephone Company? Here’s To Change. Rather silly or really brilliant? You decide.

Watch the first HTC ad featuring Robert Downey Jr. here:

[Image/Video courtesy: HTC]