Have You Met The New Digg?

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Digg is relaunching itself this week after a six-week sprint to rebuild the site from scratch. Digg is also launching a brand new Digg for iPhone, built from scratch. The news aggregator and sharing service is also launching a mobile-optimized version of to work on smartphones and tablets.

“The final version is close to complete, and when you visit later this week, you’ll find a beautiful, image-friendly, and ad-free experience,” says a post on the corporate Digg block. When you visit Digg this week, you will still technically not get to see the final version, but Digg v1 or the first version. (Want to know more about software versioning? Here is a Wikipedia article on the subject you may find interesting).

So, what changes can you expect to see in Digg v1?

To begin with, Digg is doing away with “Newsrooms,” and killing the “Newsbar” (aka “Diggbar”). ‘Newswire’ goes back to its original name, ‘Upcoming.’ Digg v1 will pivot around three sections – Top Stories, Popular and Upcoming. At launch, v1 will not include a commenting system. There may be a commenting system coming up in the recent future.

The new avatar of Digg will also feature a new Digg Score that will also take into account Facebook shares and tweets to identify trending stories. The new Digg will also have moderators watching diggs, Facebook shares, tweets, and a handful of other data to determine where a story should sit on the homepage.

Digg is a not-so-classic riches to rag story in the social media world. It was acquired last month for $500,000, quite a bargain basement price for a company that had raised $40 million in venture financing and was once valued north of $200 million. Its founder Kevin Rose was picked up by Google.

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