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Hasbro has obtained the license to manufacture and globally market multiple face-to-face games based on the Tetris brand.

Hasbro will introduce two games in the fall this year. The new Bop It Tetris game tests players to match the traditional Tetris block-shaped lights as the challenges get faster and the levels go higher. The Jenga Tetris game combines two stacking games, challenging players to push, pull and stack the Tetris block shapes into a Jenga tower. The games will be launching globally in August 2013.

Tetris-branded products have been sold worldwide in more than 50 languages. with hundreds of millions of games sold over the last 29 years. As many as 35 million Tetris games are played daily online, with over 1 billion played monthly. Tetris is played in 95% of the world in over 185 countries.

The Tetris Company is the exclusive licensor of the Tetris brand.