Global download speeds are up more than 30 per cent across the board, according to internet speed-test company Ookla. With a mean global speed of 20.28 Mbps, mobile downloads increased 30.1 per cent over the last 12 months and mobile uploads increased 38.9 per cent, according to data from Ookla.

A global average of 40.11 Mbps makes fixed broadband downloads 97.8 per cent faster than mobile, and this speed increased 31.6 per cent during the same period. Uploads over fixed broadband showed the smallest increase of 25.9 per cent.

With a 249.5 per cent jump in mobile download speeds, Laos showed the largest improvement in the world. Vietnam came in second with an increase of 188.7 per cent and Trinidad and Tobago was third at 133.1 per cent, acording to Ookla.

Speeds in some countries, however, declined. Algeria saw the largest decrease in download speed over fixed broadband speed in the world at 23.9per cent, with dips of 9.1 per cent in Ecuador and 6.5 per cent in Latvia.

[Image courtesy: Ookla]