GE has launched a cloud-based big data and analytics platform that can manage data produced by large-scale, industrial machines in the cloud. The company calls this convergence of machine and intelligence data, the Industrial Internet Amazon Web Services will be the first cloud provider on which GE will deploy its Industrial Internet platform.

The platform is built to support the Industrial Internet and turn big data into real-time insight, says GE, and is supported by the Proficy Historian HD – a Hadoop-based historian data management software. Historian delivers real-time data management, analytics, and machine-to-operations connectivity in a closed-loop architecture. GE is targeting the aviation, healthcare, energy production and distribution, transportation, and manufacturing industries as potential customers of the platform.

GE is also working with companies that are building offerings based on the GE big data/analytics platform. The company has signed a global alliance with Accenture to develop technology and analytics applications, and is working with Pivotal.

[Image courtesy: GE]