ferrariAudio and infotainment giant Harman is providing Ferrari in-car speech control with the integration of Apple’s Siri in the latest Ferrari FF model.

Michael Mauser  (Executive Vice President and Co-President of Infotainment & Lifestyle Divisions): This Siri integration is an important milestone in the cooperation between Harman and Ferrari. By transferring the known modus operandi to the car, Ferrari offers its customers the ease of use of their mobile devices with an embedded premium Harman infotainment system.

A combination of Apple’s technology with the existing head unit, makes talking to your car as simple as, well, talking to your iPhone, says Harman. A long press of the infotainment system’s menu button on the steering wheel activates Siri. Commands and audio feedback are picked up and played through built-in microphones and the car’s audio system. The volume is adjusted automatically, just like in iPhones, where Siri stops any music being played once it is activated.

[Image courtesy: Ferrari]