Facebook Goes Hi-Res: How You Can Get Better Pics

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Facebook had made a few enhancements to its photo viewer, including high-resolution photos and fullscreen viewing. The photo viewer will automatically display photos in the highest resolution possible. On a large display, this can be up to 4 times bigger than before. You can also expand the photo viewer to take up your entire computer screen.

Here are some answers from Facebook Help you may find useful.

  • How do I upload high-resolution photos?
For better quality photos, check the High Res box when you create an album. People who can view high-resolution photos will also be able to download a high-resolution copy of them by clicking Download High Res.
  • How can I make sure that my photos display in the highest possible quality?
Facebook automatically takes care of resizing and formatting your photos for you. If you’d like to use more advanced techniques to make your photos look better, try these tips. Resize your photo before you upload it. Facebook supports 720 px, 960 px, 2048 px for regular photos, and 851 px by 315 px for cover photos. If you use a 2048 px photo, make sure to select the Hi Res option when you upload it.
Save your image as a JPEG with an sRGB color profile.
  • How do I view a photo in fullscreen mode?
When you’re viewing a photo, you can expand the photo to take over the entire screen. To do this, click on the photo and hover over it. Select Options from the bottom menu and select Enter Fullscreen.  You can also do this by clicking the fullscreen icon in the top-right corner of the photo.To close a photo, click the x in the top right corner of the window or press the Escape (ESC) key.

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