Facebook IPO Makes Graffiti Artist $200M Rich

[By Sudarshana Banerjee]

“… I get up and see my picture on the cover of the new york times and I find out that I’m the most highest paid decorator alive…….,” writes David Choe in his blog. Back when Facebook was a fledgeling company, it had hired graphiti artist David Choe in 2005 to do a mural. Mr. Choe had the option of being paid in cash or stock options, and he opted for the latter.  Here is the  NYT story Mr. Choe is talking about.

Facebook’s IPO is expected to value the company in the range of $75 billion and up, and Mr. Choe’s stock options will be worth around $200 million once Facebook starts trading publicly. Astute decision on the part of Mr. Choe to opt for the options, and to hold on to them all this while. $200 million can buy a lot of spray paint, so it will be interesting to see what Mr. Choe’s next work of art will be once he rakes in the moolah.


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