Facebook Introduces Real World Offline Gifts

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Facebook has launched a new service called Gifts, by which you can now give real gifts to your friends on Facebook, along with virtual ones. The service is currently available to some users in the US; as the company gradually rolls it out.

The way Gifts work is, you pick out a gift, and the friends you are sending the gift to, are notified. They enter their shipping info, and can even swap the gift for something different. The gift is then delivered.  You can send gifts from birthday reminders, or from your friend’s timeline. You pay right away, or add your payment details later. There are hundreds of gifts with more added every day, says Facebook.

Facebook acquired social gift-giving e-commerce platform Karma for an undisclosed sum in May this year; Gifts seem to integrate Karma into Facebook.

The question now is, will users trust Facebook with their credit card information on file, like say, with Amazon, and will they use the Facebook platform to send gifts.

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