By Sudarshana Banerjee

Facebook has deprecated the Python and C# SDKs, said Alex Himel, engineering manager with Facebook, writing on the Facebook Developer Blog. The GitHub repositories will be made private in April 2012. The social networking giant has also removed the Facebook iPhone SDK and made the repository private, replacing it by the iOS SDK.

The fact that Facebook no longer provides an official Facebook SDK for a given language/runtime, does not mean that developers cannot write Facebook apps using these technologies. All Facebook Platform (Graph API, Dialogs, etc.) can be accessed from any language or runtime with an HTTP library.

Many Facebook developers forgo their official SDKs completely and just use HTTP. “We are simply deprecating these SDKs based on our need to reduce surface area and provide better support.” says Mr. Himel.  “We have no doubt that the various developer communities will create Facebook SDKs for these platforms over time,” he adds.