EMC, EDF, InnoCentive Launch E-Waste Crowdsourcing Challenge

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EMC, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and InnoCentive, have launched a new Eco-Challenge seeking solutions for tracking shipments of used electronic components and subsystems and ensuring that they are disposed of responsibly. Safe, legal and transparent e-waste disposal is an ongoing concern for both industry and environmental groups, which want to make sure heavy metals and chemicals are not released as part of the recycling process.

The Eco-Challenge, which will be open through April 30, 2012 and is open to the public, seeks ideas for a scalable system that will allow manufacturers to follow e-waste to its final destination, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. EMC plans to share the winning idea industry wide to help accelerate the adoption of more environmentally sustainable and innovative e-waste practices.

While more and more companies are recycling electronic components and subsystems, it can be very difficult to ensure that they are handled properly, or even to know for certain where these components end up.

The Challenge is part of the Eco-Challenge Series created by EDF and InnoCentive.

[Image Courtesy: AvWijk, Wikipedia]

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