Duos Technologies will be participating in a pilot program developing a rapid deployment inspection portal, the aim of the portal to validate that emergency mobile housing units manufactured for the  (FEMA) comply with manufacturing specifications.

The pilot program will be deployed in two phases; the first phase consisting of a rapid deployment inspection portal, which includes the acquisition of reference images; and the second phase, development of artificial intelligence algorithms, which will automate the detection of defined anomalies, said the company in a statement.

The system, based upon the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary Duostech’s advanced imaging technology, will capture high resolution images from six sides of the trailer and create baseline records for each trailer. An operator will then conduct a visual comparative analysis for damage and other issues that may arise during transit to the various emergency destinations, according to Duostech. The technology is currently in use for train and commercial truck inspection.

The system will  utilize redundant, multi-layered sensor technologies combined with Duostech’s proprietary praesidium analytics software, based on neural network algorithms.

[Image courtesy: FEMA]