Three of the nation’s busiest airports are also the best equipped for smartphone and laptop-carrying travelers. Dallas, JFK and Atlanta proved to have a broad array of tech amenities such as electrical outlets, USB ports, work desks and fast Wi-Fi to keep tech travelers—especially business travelers—charged up and connected at the gate.

Denver’s DIA, Washington Dulles and Boston Logan, on the other hand, were found to offer meager amenities per gate, and slow wireless service. PCWorld’s feature, “The 20 Best Airports for Tech Travelers,” also ranks the best airports for Wi-Fi and cellular service, identifies the most tech-friendly terminals in the country, and rates the airlines that are most progressive about providing for tech-savvy passengers.

To come up with its Top 20, PCWorld sent researchers to canvass the gates of the 40 busiest U.S. airports. In all, the airports auditors visited 3300 gates from coast to coast, where they counted more than 17,000 electrical outlets, 5,000 USB ports, and 1,350 charging stations; and conducted hundreds of performance tests of airport Wi-Fi and cellular broadband service.

The feature is available here. You can also find it in the February 2012 issue of PCWorld magazine.