Cray Awarded $39M Supercomputer Contract

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Cray has been awarded a $39 million contract from the North-German Supercomputing Alliance (HLRN), to deliver a distributed Cray XC30 supercomputing system, which will be operated at two sites — the Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB) and the High Performance Computing Center (RRZN) at Leibniz University in Hannover, Germany.

The HLRN sites in Berlin and Hannover plan to operate the Cray XC30 supercomputers as one combined system. Named “HLRN-III,” the Cray XC30 supercomputing system will support advanced scientific research in a wide range of fields, including environmental research, climate and ocean modeling, physics, chemistry, bio-informatics, engineering, and fluid dynamics.

Consisting of products and services, the multi-year, multi-phase contract is valued at more than $39 million, and a vast majority of the system is expected to be delivered and put into production in 2013. As part of this contract, the HLRN-III system will also include a Cray storage solution, which will incorporate products from DDN and Hitachi Data Systems.

HLRN is an alliance amongst seven states in Northern Germany — Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Niedersachsen, and Schleswig-Holstein — that have combined resources and secured funding from the state governments and the German federal government to acquire the new Cray XC30 systems.

Upload: 01-13-12

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