Concept Bra With Sensors Unhooks Only For Love, Says Manufacturer


Japanese lingerie company Ravijour has built a bra that the company says only opens if it detects true love. How can ‘true love’ be detected? By embedded sensors in the bra, connecting to a smartphone via Bluetooth, according to the company. 

When excited, the adrenaline medulla secretes catecholamine, which affects the autonomic nerve and simulates the heart rate, says Ravijour. A built-in sensor reads the woman’s heart rate signal, and sends it to an app via a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone for analysis. The app calculates the ‘True Love Rate’ based on changes in the heart rate over time. When the rate increases over a certain value, the bra unhooks automatically. 

The bra is a concept garment to mark the lingerie company’s tenth anniversary, and will not be up for sale.

You can watch a video of how the technology works here:

[Image/video courtesy: Ravijour]

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