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Comcast  has launched Constant Guard Mobile, an app that can be downloaded onto smartphones and tablets to help prevent online threats.

Constant Guard Mobile helps to protect consumers from phishing attempts, identity theft and connecting to fraudulent Websites, and provides users with a secure way to login to their banking, shopping, email and social networking accounts. The app also provides Constant Guard Safe Search, which proactively warns customers if a website is considered risky, or unsafe, and could potentially be a source of malware.

Constant Guard Mobile is currently available to Xfinity Internet customers and can be downloaded to iOS devices from the Apple iTunes Store. An Android version of the app is planned to launch in the coming months.

Comcast is also working to develop a version of the app that includes virus protection for Xfinity Internet customers who are interested in having additional layers of security for their mobile devices.

[Image courtesy: Comcast]