The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has released its research and guidance report on connected vehicle security.  Authored by the CSA’s Internet of Things (IoT) Working Group, the report provides a perspective on vehicle security connectivity design, possible attack vectors of concern, and recommendations for securing the connected vehicle environment.

“In the near future, connected vehicles will operate in a complex ecosystem that connecting vehicles not only with each other and the traffic infrastructure, but also with new forms of connectivity and relationships to cloud-based services, smart homes, and even smart cites,” said Brian Russell, chair of the CSA IoT Working Group.

Automobile connectivity today is evolving on a number of fronts. Platforms designed in the pre-connected era are now being connected in multiple ways. This has allowed security researchers to gain access to sensitive vehicles. Sensitive functions can be compromised via direct access, such as with USB and the On Board Diagnostic (OBD-II) port, or by remote access such as infotainment consoles, Bluetooth, WiFi and cellular devices, according to the CSA.

You can download a copy of the report here:

[Image courtesy: AT&T]