SpinNet Power & Light (NPL) has launched Spin, a mobile video communications experience available as a free download for iOS devices, that the company says is both immersive and fun.

Tara Lemmey (CEO and co-founder of NPL): We designed Spin’s technology platform from the ground up, to amplify how people naturally act and engage when they’re deeply connected and together. We call this Human Fidelity because it feels so immersive, so real, so true to life.

With ultra wideband and 44 kHz, Spin’s audio is close to recording studio quality, says Spin. Interface animation rate stands at 60 frames per second.

To amplify emotion during a Gathering, Spin features FXPs (or Fun Experiences), which let people ‘throw’ paper airplanes and rotten tomatoes, add hearts, and give standing ovations; and ChalkTalk, which enables people to doodle on shared photos and videos. Spin connects up to 10 people simultaneously.  

Spin is built on the NPL LUX operating environment.  

[Image courtesy: Net Power & Light]