According to the game development platform company Unity Technologies Q2 2016 Global “Games by the Numbers” report, emerging economies Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) accounted for four of the top five countries for global game installs. This includes 41% of total installs, and 42% of Android.

Here are some insights from the report:

  • Samsung led the Android market for game installs with 35.1% as Huawei overtook Xiaomi as the second largest Android manufacturer globally.
  • The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5s remain the most popular with a combined 28% of game installs, showing no change from Q1 despite the launch of new devices.
  • Android achieved near total dominance in Indonesia, with 96% of total game installs; compare to the Republic of Korea and Brazil who were at 92% during Q1 2016.
  • Android Marshmallow gained significant traction, jumping over 4.5X since last quarter to 7.5% of installs globally.
  • iOS showed more consolidation with 78% (vs 72% in Q1) of installs occurring on devices running iOS 9.0 (released September 2015) or later.

According to the game development company, 238,248 games made with Unity have been installed 4.4 billion times, across 1.7 billion unique devices globally in Q2 2016.

[Image courtesy: Unity]