AT&T Starts Selling Martian Voice-Command Smartwatch


The next time you see someone chatting with his watch, he has not had a drink too many. He is using a Martian smartwatch.

You can talk to your Martian watch, instead of your smartphone (which can be in your backpack) to make or receive calls via Bluetooth. Users also receive caller ID, text messages, social media notifications, and alerts on the watch. You can find a complete list of tech specs here.

AT&T has started selling these voice-command smartwatches, from the Martian Watches stable. The smartwatch is making its debut at the company’s flagship store in Michigan Avenue, Chicago, and is available online as well. Prices start from $249. The Martian watch works both with Android and iOS.

Founded in 2007, Martian Watches is an Irvine, California-based developer of personal wireless communication solutions.

[Image courtesy: Martian Watches]

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