[By Sudarshana Banerjee]

If Fitbit is there, and Jawbone has it too, can Nike be far behind? Not really, incase you were wondering. Look what I found at the Nike store. The Nike+ FuelBand.

The Nike+ FuelBand measures calories burnt and steps taken, the usual yada yada. It being Nike, it also uses 20 color LED lights and an array of 100 white LED lights to display the score on whether we are working out, or just working. There is a built-in 3 axis accelerometer to measure motion.

Activities the FuelBand tracks include running and walking, besides everyday stuff, like walking to the fridge, and then prancing back to the couch. The FuelBand is water-resistant, and Nike suggests we wear it when we dance in the rain (no, really).  However, the FuelBand is not waterproof, so a dunk in the pool without taking it off the wrist is not advised. The Nike+ FuelBand runs on the Nike+ Connect software. There is also a mobile app (inexplicably, not yet for Android) if we need that extra nudge while on the go.

I am tempted to spend the $149 if only for the bling factor.  Then again, when was the last time I wore my Fitbit?  No disrespect to Fitbit, someone I know got a Fitbit and has dramatically improved his exercise regime; but I can not track swimming, and exactly how many calories are there in an Indian buffet spread,  the kind I routinely tuck in during the weekends? Probably more than what a rational human being would eat during the whole week, if  the Donatella Arpaia Stewart in me were to hazard a tch-tch-ing guess. I think I will stick to the new iPad as my favorite fashion accessary for now.

[Image Courtesy: Nike]