angry_birds_toonsThe first episode of Angry Birds Toons will debut on March 17 across all Angry Birds apps, with a brand new cartoon airing the same time every weekend. Rovio is launching a video distribution channel across all of its Angry Birds game titles on smartphones and tablets.

Mikael Hed (CEO, Rovio):We’ve long wanted to tell our fans the story of the Angry Birds and the Bad Piggies, to introduce their personalities and their world in detail.

Angry Birds Toons will feature 52 episodes, with a new episode released each week, starting March 16th on TV broadcast and March 17th in all Angry Birds apps and on video-on-demand platforms.

Rovio has also partnered with third-party distribution platforms to expand its global reach.  An Angry Birds Toons channel will be available on all of Comcast’s video platforms in the US,  and globally on Samsung Smart TVs at launch, followed by Roku boxes and other platforms. In addition, Activision, Paramount Pictures, BlackBerry, and Sony Pictures are partnering with Rovio at the launch of the Angry Birds Toons channel.

[Image courtesy: Rovio]