[By Sudarshana Banerjee]

This one is for our hardcore Angry Birds gamer readers, who just can’t have enough pigs popped, eggs saved, and mighty eagles whooshing through enemy territory. Angry Birds Space is getting more free updates says game-maker Rovio. There is more.

The Danger Zone! This special episode is filled with 30 of the most difficult Angry Birds levels EVER constructed, says Rovio. To put it in their words, “We let our level designers go crazy with these ones, and they came up with some brain-wracking levels. Even some of us here at Rovio HQ, where we consider ourselves to be expert pig-poppers, have found ourselves sweating in The Danger Zone!” Go figure! But before you can get to the figuring, be warned, you have to clear 60 levels before you can get to the danger zone.

Now comes the part about space eagles not really been like the Mighty Eagle (hey, they are eagles! Boldly gone where no man has gone before! Popping pigs! Space pigs!) Using a space eagle doesn’t automatically wipe out all the pigs. The good news is, space eagles travel in flocks — so if your first try doesn’t do the job, you can try, try, try, till you succeed. Space eagles can be earned through gameplay achievements, or  purchased.

[Image Courtesy: Angry Birds Space, Rovio]