And Now, A Fork That Knows How You Ate Last Summer

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Hapilabs demonstrated the HAPIfork at CES, the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Designed by French engineer Jacques Lepine, HAPIfork, is a fork that knows how fast you’re eating. When you are eating too fast, HAPIfork sends you gentle vibrations and indicator lights so you are aware of when you’re not eating at a pace that is optimal for your health.

The HAPIfork contains an electronic key with a printed circuit that links the extremity and the handle of the fork. Because the fork is in contact with only two parts of your body: your mouth and your hand, the device is successful at counting the number of fork servings during a meal.

HAPIfork will start shipping in early Q2 2013 for Kickstarter backers (USB connection only) and to the general public in both the U.S. and France in Q3 (Wireless connection) with distribution to other countries later in 2014.  Its expected to cost around $99.

Upload: 01-13-12

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