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IBM is championing the open cloud cause.  All of IBM’s cloud services and software will now be based on an open cloud architecture.  The company also unveiled new solutions based on the open cloud.

Robert LeBlanc (Senior vice president, Software, IBM): History has shown that open source and standards are hugely beneficial to end customers and are a major catalyst for innovation. Just as standards and open source revolutionized the Web and Linux, they will also have a tremendous impact on cloud computing.

IBM unveiled a private cloud offering based on the open sourced OpenStack software. The IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator, removes the need to develop specific interfaces for different cloud services.

IBM also announced new versions of software that use open standards. The IBM SmartCloud Monitoring Application Insight monitor the real-time performance and availability of applications. Two new beta programs, that use analytics to predict changes in scale and usage, are now available.

IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator is expected to be available later this year. IBM SmartCloud Monitoring Application Insight is expected to be available in the second quarter of the year.

IBM Open Cloud Initiatives

Some of the initiatives IBM is taking to drive the open cloud, include creating a 400-member strong Cloud Standards Customer Council, and sponsoring the OpenStack Foundation as a platinum and founding member.  

IBM is also working on related cloud standards, such as Open Service for Lifecycle Collaboration, Linked Data in the W3C, and TOSCA in OASIS. The company has dedicated more than 500 developers on open cloud projects.

IBM is one of the world’s largest private cloud vendors with more than 5,000 private cloud customers in 2012, which increased 100 percent year-over-year. IBM’s cloud portfolio, called SmartCloud, allows clients to move between IBM’s private, hybrid and public cloud services.