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How can you get your hands on a pair of Google Glasses? The company is offering attendees to the Google IO a prototype for $1500, complete with software development kit. Orders will be taken only at the conference, and shipping is scheduled to start early next year. Be warned though, the Google Glass is not a consumer device, not yet at any rate, cautions the company.

At the Google IO annual worldwide developer conference, Sergey Brin held a demo of the Google Glasses; a duo of divers jumped off an airplane, and held a Hangout (Google’s take on the video chat, where multiple users can simultaneously participate) live on air. ¬†As if that was not enough, the duo biked down to the conference, having landed on top of Moscone Center first.

How does the world look like during a sky dive? What if you are wearing Google Glasses?

You can watch a video here:


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