Walmart deploys AI-powered self-service scales in China


Walmart is using RetailAI Fresh from Malong, a self-learning AI system, in 100 Walmart stores in China. The deployment is happening via Omega 8; a partners platform powered by Walmart China.

During use, customers place the bagged items (e.g. fruits, vegetables and other loose/dry goods) on the scale. The system identifies the product, including items within multiple layers of clear plastic bags or other protective materials, says Malong.

Normally, an AI-based product recognition system requires data to be collected, labeled and trained in a separate process. The new system enables the automatic learning of new SKUs without requiring manual human intervention, says Malong.

Malong is using Nvidia T4 Tensor Core GPUs for AI inference in combination with the EGX optimized edge software stack running on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, says the company.

[Image courtesy: Walmart]