Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine using Oracle cloud and data analytics


The Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) and Oracle Health Sciences have teamed to study new approaches to establishing the safety of new drugs that are nearing clinical investigation in humans and FDA approval; as part of an industry consortium.

The collaboration brings together Oracle’s infrastructure for data analytics with WFIRM’s Body-on-a-Chip program for drug development, drug candidate screening, and personalized medicine studies. (Body-on-a-Chip is a system of miniaturized organs, also called “organoids,” that can be used to detect harmful and adverse effects of drugs before they are tested in humans, says WFIRM.)

Oracle most recently provided a $100,000 gift and, through Oracle for Research, $25,000 in Oracle Cloud credits to jump-start projects for applying machine learning to data generated through Body-on-a-Chip technology, according to WFIRM.

[Image courtesy: WFIRM]