Tim Cook

Tim Cook confirms Apple’s generative AI features are coming ‘later this year’ — The Verge

During Apple’s quarterly earnings call on Thursday afternoon, CEO Tim Cook mentioned that the company is working on generative AI software features that will make their way to customers “later this year,” writes Chrish Welch.

Al Gore to leave Apple board after 21-year run; company reveals CEO Tim Cook’s pay dropped 36% in 2023 after shareholder pressure — Deadline

Former Vice President Al Gore will be departing from Apple‘s board of directorsafter a 21-year run due to the company’s mandatory retirement age, writes Dade Hayes and Jill Goldsmith.

Apple CEO succession plans ‘very detailed’, says Tim Cook — MacRumors

Tim Cook has revealed that Apple has "very detailed" succession plans in place for when the time comes to replace him as chief executive of the company, writes Tim Hardwick.

Apple is ‘looking into’ cryptocurrency, says CEO Tim Cook — TC

Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed the company was looking into cryptocurrency, but clarified it had no “immediate” plans to launch any crypto-related offerings, writes...

Congress grills tech CEOs amid backdrop of coronavirus and economic struggles — CNBC

While investors appeared unconcerned, today’s hearing is probably the beginning of a long slog for all four companies, writes Matt Rosoff. Here is the link:...