Stanford University

Notebook Labs raises $3.3M

Notebook Labs, providers of a zero-knowledge identity infrastructure layer for Web3 protocols, has raised a $3.3 million seed round.

Andrea Goldsmith becomes first woman to win Marconi Prize

The Marconi Society awarded the 2020 Marconi Prize to Dr. Andrea Goldsmith, for her contributions to the theory and practice of adaptive wireless communications. 

Anthem Blue Cross joins AI for Health affiliation as founder member

Anthem Blue Cross is joining the AI for Health affiliation program as the initial founding member.

Stanford researchers build diver robot

Researchers at Stanford University have built a humanoid robot that can function underwater. Named 'OceanOne', the robot was conceived and built from the ground...

Intel-GE Care Innovations Holds First Hackathon

Intel-GE Care Innovations, in partnership with MIT Hacking Medicine, StartX, and Stanford Medical School hosted its first ever hackathon on the campus of Stanford...