DARPA selects teams to Improve how scientists build/sustain models, simulations

Darpa says it has selected multiple teams of researchers for the agency’s Automating Scientific Knowledge Extraction and Modeling (ASKEM) program.

Rheaply raises $2.2M

Asset exchange platform company Rheaply has raised a $2.2 million.

MIT: Engineers put tens of thousands of artificial brain synapses on a single chip

MIT engineers have designed a “brain-on-a-chip,” that is made from tens of thousands of artificial brain synapses known as memristors.

Joi Ito resigns as MIT Media Lab head in wake of Jeffrey Epstein reporting – TC

Joichi Ito, the embattled director of the M.I.T. Media Lab, has stepped down according to a statement by MIT’s president, L. Rafael Reif, writes...

MIT’s ‘cyber-agriculture’ optimizes basil flavors — TechCrunch

Machine learning-optimized hydroponic “cyber-agriculture” has produced a superior plant with more robust flavors, writes Devin Coldewey. Here is the link: