Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics unveils fully-electric Atlas robot

Boston Dynamics is retiring its hydraulic Atlas robot and introducing a fully electric version of its humanoid robots. 

‘Part of the kill chain’: how can we control weaponised robots — The Guardian

Stuart Clark takes a look at the new military paradigm of murder by software and AI.

IBM, Boston Dynamics join forces to deliver data analysis at the edge

IBM Consulting will develop edge payloads that integrate with Spot, the agile, mobile robot from Boston Dynamics, under the terms of the agreement. 

Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot dog now available for $74,500– IEEE Spectrum

For the price of a luxury car, you can now get a very smart, very capable, very yellow robotic dog, writes Evan Ackerman. Here is...

Boston Dynamics’ robots are preparing to leave the lab — Is the world ready? — The Verge

Boston Dynamics now faces its biggest challenge yet: turning its stable of robots into an actual business, writes James Vincent. Here is the link: