Microsoft utilizes Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Bing

Oracle has entered into a multi-year partnership with Microsoft to bolster the AI services used by Microsoft Bing for conversational search capabilities.

Microsoft has over a million paying Github Copilot users: CEO Nadella — ZDNet

Microsoft is seeing big growth in the generative AI business, writes Tiernan Ray. 

Bing: “I will not harm you unless you harm me first” — Simon Willison’s Weblog

This blog post is a pretty good summation of the AI-powered Bing acting like a petulant human. A search engine wants to harm a...

Bard’s first public mistake cost Google $100 billion — Quartz

Google’s parent company made a costly blunder in its haste, writes Ananya Bhattacharya. Here is the link:

Bing Says Can Predict Event Outcome Using Search Queries, Social Input

Bing is unveiling an experimental feature where the Search engine will offer its prediction of events. The predictions will be based on a variety of...