Kyndryl, Microsoft partnering to deliver mainframe data to the cloud


Kyndryl and Microsoft have announced plans to expand their global strategic partnership to deliver mainframe data to customers.

As part of the collaboration, Kyndryl is expected to create data pipes that enable connections between mainframes, including its zCloud platform, and the Microsoft cloud, enabling customers to move their mainframe data to the cloud.

Kyndryl and Microsoft also plan to combine mainframe data with other internal and external cloud-based data sources, that will enable customers to create new applications that leverage analytics and visualization tools, say the companies. Mainframe data can also be integrated into low-code and no-code applications from the customers’ side.

As part of the joint mainframe modernization initiative, Kyndryl is expected to launch consulting and integration services.

You can read the blog post from Kyndryl on the announcement here.

[Image courtesy: Kyndryl]