Jawbone has appointed Mindy Mount as president of the company. Ms. Mount comes to Jawbone from Microsoft, where she held several roles including corporate vice president and chief financial officer of the Online Services Division, which includes Bing, MSN and Microsoft Advertising; and corporate vice president of operations and finance and chief financial officer of the Entertainment and Device Division, which included Xbox and windows phone.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Ms. Mount worked in London as the executive vice president and co-managing director of AOL UK. Prior to AOL UK, Mindy was the vice president of corporate strategy and development at Time Warner.

Ms. Mount received an MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business and a BBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is on the board of directors for the University of Wisconsin Foundation and serves as an advisor to students in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Business School’s Applied Corporate Finance program. She also serves on the alumni advisory board for the Women’s Student Association at Harvard Business School.

Update: 02-12-13