Intel Capital invests $117 million in startups


Intel Capital, Intel’s global investment organization, has announced new investments totaling $117 million.

Here are the 14 technology startups Intel has invested in:

Cloudpick (Shanghai, China) is a smart retail technology provider. The company uses proprietary computer vision, deep learning, sensor fusion and edge computing technologies, to enable digitized, cashier-free stores with grab-and-go shopping experiences.

SambaNova Systems (Palo Alto, California, U.S.) is building a platform to run AI applications from the data center to the edge.

Untether AI (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is developing AI chips with a chip architecture that is designed for neural net inference by eliminating bottlenecks in data movement.

Zhuhai EEasy Technology (Zhuhai, China) is an AI system-on-chip (SoC) design house and solution provider, with offerings including AI acceleration; image and graphic processing; video encoding and decoding; and mixed-signal ULSI design capabilities.

Mighty Networks (Palo Alto, California, U.S.) is serving an emerging category of digital services called Experiential Commerce.

Pixeom (Santa Clara, California, U.S.) makes it easier to deploy and manage large-scale, geographically distributed infrastructure and workloads.

Polystream (Guildford, U.K.) is a deep-tech startup working on how video games and 3D applications are delivered via the cloud.

Tibit Communications (Petaluma, California, U.S.) is developing next-generation devices to provide a broadband onramp to the home, office or cell site, managed virtually from the cloud to the user.

Medical Informatics (Houston, Texas, U.S.) is a software-based monitoring and analytics company. Its  Sickbay platform archives, aggregates and transforms waveform data across disparate devices to enable anywhere, anytime remote monitoring.

Reveal Biosciences  (San Diego, California, U.S.) is creating data-powered pathology to improve global healthcare.

Landing AI (Palo Alto, California, U.S.) Founded by Dr. Andrew Ng, the company provides AI-powered SaaS solutions and corporate-level AI transformation programs.

OnScale (Cupertino, California, U.S.) offers on-demand scalable engineering simulation software.

proteanTecs (Haifa, Israel) develops universal chip telemetry for electronic systems throughout their lifecycle.

Qolibri  (Roseville, California, U.S.) is developing proprietary solutions that address problems in semiconductor subfabs.

[Image courtesy: Intel Capital]