HPE opens new head office in Canada


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has opened a new head office in Toronto, Canada. The offices are more hubs for collaboration and social interaction, rather than full time dedicated workstations, says the company. 

“HPE approached the work-from-home situation from two angles – as both an employer of 60,000+ team members, and as an IT infrastructure provider that companies rely on to help unlock value from their own data and technology,” said Mike Hilton, president and managing director, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Canada. “We needed to be an example we could point to when speaking with our clients on how to adapt to hybrid or distributed environments, so Edge-to-Office is part of our DNA. And for us, when we talk about our workplace, we’re not necessarily talking about a physical location, but rather, it’s the team member experience and ways that we show up for each other and our clients every day.”

[Image courtesy: HPE]