Burger King Brazil creates virtual assistant working with IBM Brazil


IBM Services and Burger King Brazil have teamed up to create a virtual assistant, based on IBM Watson Assistant, named TOP (Technology Orienting People).

TOP will be used to help Burger King (BK) Brazil’s 16,000 employees, serving more than 800 restaurants, be connected, IBM said in a statement.

Before TOP, BK Brazil’s employees used a centralized command system to submit requests for vacations, documents such as payment statements, earnings reports, and other Human Resources related topics. All of these services are now available via a text conversation in natural language, through the employee’s own WhatsApp, says IBM.

The solution is designed to enable Burger King Brazil to answer questions from employees and give the necessary guidance on the company’s strategy, as it navigates the COVID-19 pandemic, says IBM.

TOP recognizes each employee by their telephone number and registered ID in the company’s system. A hybrid and multi-cloud cloud architecture, accessing IBM Cloud in the BK Brazil IT environment, helps with the exchange of information to respond in near real time, according to IBM.

[Image courtesy: Burger King Brazil]