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Yammer Integrates With Microsoft Dynamics

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Enterprise Social Networks Yammer will now be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics, which enables updates from the CRM solution to appear as activity stories in the Yammer Ticker. Dynamics users who have installed the plug-in can follow records such as accounts, campaigns and opportunities. When changes to these records occur, an activity story describing the event is published in Ticker in real-time. For example, when a sales rep closes a deal, a Dynamics activity story announcing the win is surfaced in Ticker, notifying managers as it happens.

Data from Dynamics will also appear in Universal Search, a search engine that allows users to find information in Yammer as well as applications integrated into Yammer. Universal Search works with both cloud and behind the firewall application.

Other cloud software providers that  integrate with Yammer now include Perks.com, Sciforma, Senexx, UpMo, and UserVoice. Yammer also integrates with AffinityLive, Badgeville, Box, Expensify, GageIn, Kindling, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Moreover Technologies, NetSuite, Planview, Salesforce.com, SAP, Sparqlight, Spigit, Subscribe-HR, TripIt and Zendesk.

Upload: 06-14-12

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