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Older viewers are twice as interested in the upcoming fall TV programs, while the younger demographic is looking for funny or niche content, according to a new survey release today from Yahoo TV and Entertainment Weekly. The survey asked 2,000 men and women what new and returning fall TV programs and actors they are most excited about. The survey also found some clear distinctions between older (+35) and younger viewers (18-35).

Survey highlights include:

For returning comedies, The New Girl wins the vote for female viewers, while men want their Happy Endings. Turning the dial to new programming, The Mob Doctor showed higher anticipation among men, whereas women prefer Guys With Kids.

Returning dramas such as NCISBones, and The Mentalist rated the highest among older viewers, while younger viewers are excited about Vampire DiariesDexter, and Supernatural.

Most Anticipated New Programming

  • Vegas 26%
  • Beauty and the Beast 20%
  • Animal Practice 15%
  • The Mob Doctor 15%
  • Guys With Kids 15%
  • Revolution 14%
  • 666 Park Avenue 12%
  • Elementary 11%
  • Nashville 10%
  • The Neighbors 9%

Returning Programs Most Viewers Are Looking Forward To

  • The Big Bang Theory 30%
  • NCIS 28%
  • Two and a Half Men 22%
  • Bones 21%
  • How I Met Your Mother 19%
  • Modern Family 17%
  • The Mentalist 17%
  • Dancing with the Stars 16%
  • Grey’s Anatomy 14%
  • Hawaii Five-O 14%

Heroine Mostly Likely to Win Sunday Night

The Good Wife’s Julianna Marguiles was the top choice with 60% of the vote over Revenge’s Emily VanCamp with 40%.

Gossip Girl Leaving Town

While women are sadder than men about Gossip Girl’s final season (40% vs. 32%), most feel it’s jumped the shark with only 36% of respondents saying they are “sad” to see it end versus 64% saying “it’s time to end already.”

Returning Reality

X Factor’s second season spiked excitement with 80% of participants and over half (59%) of younger female viewers stated they will tune in specifically to see how new judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato work out.

While over on NBC, women were less likely to find back-2-back cycles of “The Voice” overkill, but more than half (54%) of all viewers says it will depend on the level of talent.

Judged Based on Title

When looking just at titles, “The Mob Doctor” is driving most interest among men. Women want to watch “Guys with Kids”

  • The Mob Doctor 45%
  • Guys with Kids 37%
  • 666 Park Avenue 30%
  • Made in Jersey 17%

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