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VMware, Nvidia expand partnership for generative AI

VMware and Nvidia have announced an extended generative artificial intelligence (AI) strategic partnership. The VMware Private AI Foundation with Nvidia, is designed to facilitate the deployment of generative AI applications across various industries, including finance, healthcare, and manufacturing, the companies said in a statement.

The foundation will be built on VMware Cloud Foundation and optimized for AI applications. The joint initiative focuses on equipping enterprises with tools to customize models and run generative AI applications, such as intelligent chatbots, assistants, search engines, and summarization tools. The integrated solution combines generative AI software and accelerated computing powered by Nvidia.

The partnership’s key benefits include enabling enterprises to harness generative AI capabilities for customized language models, secure internal models, and scalable inference workloads. The platform is expected to offer privacy-preserving architecture for AI services, choice in model-building environments, performance optimizations, and cost efficiencies through shared compute resources.

The integrated solution will leverage Nvidia NeMo, a cloud-native framework included in Nvidia AI Enterprise, for building, customizing, and deploying generative AI models.

The platform’s release is scheduled for early 2024.

[Image courtesy: VMware]

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