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VMware, Intel collaborate to facilitate AI adoption in enterprises

VMware has announced a collaborative effort with Intel to enhance the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) across various computing environments, including data centers, cloud, and edge. The announcement was made during VMware Explore 2023, currently taking place in Barcelona, Spain.

The joint solution from VMware and Intel as part of the collaboration will integrate VMware Cloud Foundation with Intel’s suite of AI software, Xeon processors, and Max Series GPUs to provide a comprehensive AI stack for data preparation, model training, and inferencing.

The partnership is set to enable enterprises to deploy private AI models, promising enhanced productivity and economic impact across business functions. With a focus on delivering AI to where data is generated, VMware and Intel are positioning themselves to support AI/ML workloads and generative AI applications.

Intel and VMware’s venture is also introducing a reference architecture that combines Intel’s AI software suite with VMware Cloud Foundation. This will allow customers to build and deploy AI models on their current infrastructure.

The initiative will be supported by servers from Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Lenovo, according to the companies.

[Image courtesy: VMware]

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