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The Internet Society Board Appoints New Members

The Internet Society board of trustees seated its new board and elected a new Chair, Robert Hinden, at a recent meeting in Berlin, Germany. Mr. Hinden is replacing outgoing Chair Eva Frölich, who was the first female chair of the organization.

Mr. Hinden is a Check Point Fellow at Check Point Software; a co-inventor of IPv6; a member of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) administrative oversight committee (IAOC). He also co-chairs the IPv6 working group (6MAN) at the IETF. Previously at Nokia, he was a Nokia Fellow, chief internet technologist at Nokia Networks, and CTO at the Nokia IP Routing Group.

The Internet Society board of trustees are elected or appointed by the following groups: Chapters, Organization Members, and the IETF. The results of the 2013 elections are:

  • Chapters re-elected Narelle Clark to a three-year term;
  • Organization Members re-elected Jason Livingood and elected new Board member, Désirée Miloshevic, both to three-year terms; and
  • Robert Hinden was re-appointed as an IETF appointee to the Board.

The current members of the Internet Society board are:

  • Alain P. Aina, managing director at Technologies Reséaux & Solutions and Special Projects Manager at AFRINIC (the Internet Address Registry for Africa)
  • Eric Burger, research professor of Computer Science, and director, Security and Software Engineering Research Center, at Georgetown University
  • Narelle Clark, Deputy CEO, Australian Communications Consumer Action Network; president of the Internet Society Australian Chapter
  • Keith Davidson, International Director, InternetNZ
  • Raúl Echeberría, executive director & CEO of LACNIC (the Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean)
  • David Farber, professor of Computer Science and Public Policy in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Robert Hinden, Check Point Fellow at Check Point Software
  • Jason Livingood, vice president of Internet & Communications Engineering, Comcast
  • Désirée Miloshevic, senior advisor, Public Policy and International Affairs, Afilias
  • Lynn St. Amour, president and CEO of the Internet Society; serves as ex-officio and as a non-voting Trustee
  • Theresa Swinehart, executive director, Global Internet Policy, Verizon Communications
  • Rudi Vansnick, president of Internet Society Belgium
  • Bert Wijnen, research engineer at RIPE-NCC in the Netherlands

Scott Bradner as has been re-elected as secretary, Lynn St. Amour as president and Jason Livingood as treasurer of the Internet Society.

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